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Distance Learning


Delivered through the National College of Technology (NCT).

NCT Online manages OakCAD NCT.


Distance learning is a highly flexible way to study.

You can:

  • Begin learning at any time - you don't need to wait for a course to begin.

  • Study at your own pace and at times that suit you best - the only dates that are fixed are if you are entered for an examination.

  • Study wherever you want - at home, on a train, at work or anywhere else that's convenient.


Our courses are in modular form and, once enrolled, you will receive the course material and full instructions in printed hard copy format, consisting of:

  1. Course notes

  2. Worked examples

  3. Trainee self assessment

  4. Module assessment


For all courses, tutor support is available and for some engineering courses you will also receive a practical training kit.


For some courses practical work is undertaken using our virtual-lab.

Each module assessment is marked and returned to you, with comments.

For most courses you will be required to take an "open book", end of course assessment.

The CAD course is fully assessed on-line and you will be assisted in obtaining a student copy of AutoCAD, if required.

It is expected that the study time normally required to complete a distance learning course will be about 60 hours, depending on a regular time allocation and previous experience.


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