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  • Trevor Leach

Distance Learning is the Answer to Training During the Virus

Many companies and businesses are avoiding training during the pandemic for various reasons, they:

  1. have all staff working from home

  2. have some staff on site and some working from home

  3. want training in a group

  4. cannot access training in a particular discipline

  5. want a course tailored to a specific requirement

  6. are waiting until the pandemic is over.

OakCAD NCT provides training in a wide variety of ENGINEERING disciplines directly on your site, on our site or by distance learning. We also provide training tailored to YOUR particular requirements.

In the current situation, all of this training can be provided through flexible training (standard or tailored) delivered to staff at home and/or on site, through distance learning material, supported by group on-line video tutor support, allowing your company to prepare for maximum benefit when everything is back to normal.

It is easy to contact us to discuss your particular requirement and we would be pleased to talk to you.

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